Digital Marketing Specialist

Why we're looking:

Andrew, the man shown covered in birds, is at his wit's end when it comes to marketing digitally. We're not saying he's horrible at it, we're just saying he's no specialist. It's also not technically his job, but whatever. Our business has been growing quickly, having exceeded our 2017 sales goals in just the first half of the year. We know there is still much room for improvement, especially with the help of a real expert.

A Quick Description:

Market our wares successfully and creatively to consumers, digitally!

Who We're Looking For:

You are not a dirtbag. Not sure why we felt the need to say that; but seriously, you're a really cool and swell individual who is a pleasure to be around. You should be a natural at communicating the value of our products and brand via any digital medium whether it's email, Twitter, YouTube, Google AdWords, or cleverly modified kitten memes. You should then be able to track and make sense of it all via Google Analytics or any other tracking voodoo you might conjure up. You're a self starter, able to work independently with little to no instruction, but also don't mind input from the rest of the group. You are the perfect candidate. You, are a Digital Marketing Specialist!

Job Overview:

We are defining digital marketing as the emails we send or sponsor, the tracking and landing pages used, our newsletters and the whole of our mass market sales funnel. Of course it should also include advertising strategies and expertise around Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and consideration of our dormant social channels. We are currently sponsoring dedicated emails and we want the email itself to be optimized; we want to lose fewer people through the sales funnel; we want to retarget those individuals we do lose and capitalize on their initial interest and we want to consider the strategies we haven’t yet.

A successful Digital Marketing Strategist will be able to quickly learn our industry and our sales tactics to date; they will be heavily data driven, organized and able to use their expertise to improve other departments beyond marketing such as customer support, UX and sales. This person will identify areas to improve and immediately implement new systems and evaluation metrics.


Commensurate with experience and overall level of awesomeness.


Next steps:

If you've read this far, we assume that you're interested. To apply, please send us an email at jobs at porkbun dot com with:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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